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CSCS Health & Safety Test Booking

Simply put, no CSCS CARD means no site access on a significant number of sites. In some cases it's considered a serious breach of protocol to work on site without an appropriate and valid CSCS Card. The lack of a valid card could lead to the suspension of your site access regardless of experience or position held. A simple way to obtain one is by sitting and passing a Health, Safety & Environment test that is relevant to your job role. Booking your test can be done by either giving us a call or clicking below to select a suitable test.

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The CSCS Cards are a mandatory requirement to help demonstrate competency to work. A very significant number of sites require for all operatives that wish to gain access to hold a relevant and valid CSCS Card that is appropriate to their role, either on an active construction site & or within a relative field. They are used as a standard basis for proof of competency within specified fields and their distribution is regulated by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, the recognised government industry accreditation body. They are meant to ensure that their holders are competent and qualified to operate within their chosen fields and at their specified level of expertise.

Depending on the company or the site that you intend to access it could be a serious breach of regulation to actively work on a site within the UK without holding a valid CSCS card or accredited equivalent.

The Application Process.

There are some basic guidelines and criteria to getting a CSCS Card and seating a CSCS Health & Safety Test. Hopefully these guides might be of some use. Or alternatively you could always give us a call if you're uncertain about anything and we could help sort it all out for you.

In order to get a card you must first pass a valid, relevant health and safety test. The test sat must be relevant to your particular job role, that is;- a supervisor will not sit a managers test and vice versa.  The health & safety test must be done at least every 18 to 24 months (depending on the exact card type), unless you hold a valid CSCS card. In which case you will need to do the test every 3-5 years to renew your card after it's expiry date. 

Some CSCS cards will require prior relevant qualifications or their equivalents. For instance, a carpenter with an NVQ Level 3 (or city and guilds certificate) can get 1 of three cards depending on their role on site. They could get a green card, a blue card or a gold/white card. While a carpenter with only a Level 2 NVQ can only qualify for a green or blue card depending on the circumstance.

After successfully passing your Health, Safety & Environment test, simply fill out the application forms sent out to you and send it to us with proof of qualifications achieved such as letters of completion or relevant certificates.

Booking a test with us is easy; simply select the test that best suits your role on site and then fill out our easy step by step form pages with all the relevant information. We will then give you a call to confirm the details of your test booking at a centre local to you.

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